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Access Keys

We have implemented access keys for the following pages to improve navigation for keyboard and screen-reader users:

  • Alt + 0 - Links to this accessibility page
  • Alt + 1 - Links to the home page (www.nhsone.net)
  • Alt + 8 - Links to our Terms of Use
  • Alt + S - Allows you to jump to the content of a page

Press the 'Alt' key at the same time as the access key (e.g. '1' for the home page) to select the link, then press 'Enter' to go to the page. Access keys work differently in different operating systems - the examples above work in Windows Internet Explorer. If you are using a Mac press 'Ctrl' instead of 'Alt'. Firefox users must press 'Alt' + 'Shift' + key.

Please note that not all browsers support access keys.