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The Website…

The NHS one website provides information on relevant ways to use the video technology and then provides an automated request process that allows users to:

  • Select the license type they require
  • Select the payment method that suits subscription or purchase
  • Select the hardware your require or the bundles

Users can also select  Contact us if unsure on any item.

The Technology…

NHS-ONE is a powerful video conferencing and collaboration tool that scales from desktop users with a single camera to high definition (HD) Video Conference rooms with multiple cameras all using the same software and interface.

Using the computer as a platform provides a flexible and scalable solution that is also easy to use with a common interface for all users. It offers the most reliable and cost effective virtual meeting experience.

  • The most comprehensive video conferencing and collaboration solution available
  • Instant visual communication between multiple users over broadband internet connections
  • First class video and audio experience
  • Includes a full suite of collaboration tools and features
  • Secure connection
  • Accelerates processes and drives productivity