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5th March 2014

NHS ONE Launches

NHS ONE is a NHS owned and managed video communication platform.  The platform has been specifically designed to the needs of the healthcare community and enables users with NHS ONE software to connect securely to anyone anywhere. 

The NHS ONE software enables users to communicate over video for a variety of health applications from patient consultations through to multiple site meetings.  Please see our health care applications page for more information.

Users can connect from their smart devices, laptops and PC’s to join a meeting on NHS ONE. Users can also connect medical devices to share clinical images.

Over the coming weeks and months our aim is to continuously improve the portal with NHS staff ideas  and share best practices with the community.

3rd March 2014

5 Reasons why healthcare needs video communication

Rising incidences of chronic disease and an ageing population in Europe have led to increased demand for video conferencing services that enable the elderly and those suffering from chronic conditions to receive treatment from their homes.

Budgetary pressures on healthcare organisations have prompted examinations of how to alleviate the financial pressures on healthcare institutions. Video conferencing enables more patients to be seen per day and reduces the costs and inconvenience of physicians and patients travelling to or between hospitals.

Citizens across Europe have come to expect higher standards of healthcare. Healthcare organisations are expected to leverage technology to enhance service provisions where it is economically viable to do so.

Video conferencing is a key enabler of collaborative working. Healthcare professionals working across hospitals and labs can collaborate to reduce decision-making time, which can be crucial in life and death situations.

The use of video conferencing is a widely established practice in the education and training of medical professionals. This area is expected to continue to be a key driver of sales of video conferencing infrastructure and endpoints in the healthcare industry.